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Gotta get away?  

Itching to ditch the desk for fresh air, a great workout and a few unexpected thrills?  Take a moment.  Learn something new.  Try something that scares you. Just a little.  Get wet.  Get dirty.  Get up close to something wild.  Then slow down, recount the day and soak in the view.  Reconnect with the people that matter.  


Lose yourself to find yourself.

We get it

Vacation days are limited and your dollars are hard earned.  You want to unplug, make memories and savor something REAL.  Hang out with the locals.  Feast on fresh food.  Dance to native rhythms. Understand the culture.  Our journeys are designed to make a difference...  

About how you feel.  

          About how you explore the world around you.  

                    And may just change your life.

Arrive back home with colorful stories and a happy, satisfied soul.

Style of travel

By Land

  • Explore aqua blue glaciers

  • Crawl around ancient ruins

  • Rappel into an eerie cave

  • Zip across a canyon

  • Cycle to a vineyard

  • Ride the open range


By Sea

  • Paddle with orca whales

  • Snorkel with whale sharks

  • Release a baby turtle to the moonlit sea 

  • Greet a sunrise from your SUP

  • Meet a gray whale face to face

  • Climb the crow’s nest of your sailing ship

Our goal is to find that needle-in-the-haystack spectacular trip.  We take pride in connecting you to far-flung places and unforgettable experiences.

They are all kinds of awesome.

Authentic, local accommodations oozing with personality.

  • Rustic-chic thatch roof bungalows

  • Jungle tree houses

  • Log cabins, yurts, and mountaintop huts

  • Remote camping or island glamping

  • Medieval castles and charming local inns

  • Beautiful beach villas and boutique properties

Places to stay? 

Sound good?

Let's Talk.

(425) 292-0142

We like fun

Trip for two or twenty?  We’ve got you covered.

Do as much or as little as you want.

We’re here to help you knock it out of the park.


We’ll listen. Then plan, make calls, dig up ideas and set your mind adrift with possibilities. We’ve carefully vetted the best local experts and we are enthused to connect you.  After we nail it, we’ll get you prepared and on your way... like we have for hundreds of happy guests since 2009.

   Ted & Laura Mandelkorn 

Founders & Adventure Fans

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