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Go! Paddle

Crave the joy of the float?  

Cruise on your own power to pristine places. Get wet, get dirty and have a blast going off the grid.  Access scenic, remote shorelines where motorboats can’t get in. Watch wildlife without intruding in a respectful, low-impact way.  

Holly Owen & Randy canoeing the canyons


Everyone must believe in something.  I believe I’ll go canoeing.

                                   ~Henry David Thoreau

Every river, constantly changing, has its own unique signature. Drift downstream past cool, powdery sand bars, lush scenes of green, or vertical sandstone cliffs carved by time.


Hike to mind-blowing overlooks, old settler’s cabins, abandoned mines, outlaw hideouts, or ancient petroglyphs. Start a splash fight or float downriver in your PFD.  Pitch a tent, play cards and sing around the campfire.  Sorry, no five-star hotels... Just a million-star view.  


Colorado, Utah and Wyoming.


Astronomy, archaeology, geology, photography, folk music, beer tasting, and women-only.

Green River, Utah


Real boaters don't need motors.

Glide through tranquil waters or work the changing waves. Discover sea cliffs, lighthouses, magical islands and hidden beaches. Keep your eyes peeled for dolphins, porpoise, eagles, sea lions or passing whales. Go with seasoned guides trained in reading currents, spotting wildlife, and helping you feel at ease.   Most importantly, be around good energy and connect with great people.


San Juan Islands, Alaska, Galapagos, Ireland, Patagonia, Caribbean, Belize and Mexico.



Yoga, women-only, beer tasting, wine-tasting and self-guided.

San Juan Islands, Washington

Stand Up Paddle Board

Like walking on water, only better.


Stand up paddle boarding is the new water sport making waves.  Find your true center and your bliss. Wander by lake, river or sea.  Get a great core workout and add balance to your life.  Get your zen on and peg a yoga pose.  Ride a wave, soak up some rays, spot a fish, or glide in serenity.


Fiji, Hawaii, Caribbean, Belize, Costa Rica, Mexico, Iceland and Alaska.



Turtles, yurts & whale sharks, glamping, lodge to lodge, sailing, multi-sport and midnight sun.

Loreto, Mexico

Whitewater Raft

You discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.            



Big action. Bigger splashes. Always a high-octane rush. When not riding the rapids, there’s team bonding, wildlife watching and time to take in the view.  



Alaska, Canada, Mexico, Fiji, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Patagonia, Grand Canyon or the roaring rivers of the American West.



Yoga, gourmet, family, hiking and multi-sport.

Veracruz, Mexico

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