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Go! Pedal

Sometimes ya gotta roll with it.

Leave your worries behind and go for a spin. Feel the wind in your face, the burn in your legs, and that sunny glow of being a kid again.  There’s no better way to see the countryside and connect with the locals than from the seat of a bike.  Day trips or full week itineraries, guided journeys or self-tours. Choose what works for you.  

Get out, be mighty, immerse yourself.  Let’s ride!

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Road Bike

Life is a beautiful ride.                               

Crave the freedom of the open road?  Find your lane riding the rolling terrain on a road bike adventure. Conquer hills, explore at your own pace and venture into scenic new places using your own pedal power.  Our trips are designed for the road less traveled.  Discover quaint villages, wide open spaces and prime places to pull over for awe-inspiring moments.  Go solo, bring the family or round up your crew. Itineraries for many abilities, from newbies to avid cyclists.  



Europe, North America, Latin America, Caribbean, Africa, Asia and the Pacific.


Family, culinary, multi-sport, river and ocean cruise bike tours.

Wine Country, California

Mountain Bike

It’s the unknown around the corner that turns my wheels.

Wanna get the adrenaline going and tear it up on the trails? Get wet.  Get filthy.  Ride on the rugged side.  Challenge yourself with a far flung destination in another corner of the globe.  If your partner doesn’t ride, bring them along and we’ll plan off-bike adventures for them too. Regroup after a big day and share stories over a great meal, a glass of wine and a glowing sunset.



Jordan, Nepal, New Zealand, Italy, the Azores, Switzerland, Croatia, Greenland, Guatemala, Mexico, Costa Rica, Patagonia, Peru, Canada, California and Utah.



Beginner, single track, women-only, couples, railroad tunnel, cenotes and ancient ruins.

Mazama, Washington


Because a day on a bike always beats a day in the office.

Huh?  What the heck is that?  Electric bikes!  Yup, with a sweet, quiet motor.  Pedals like a regular bike, but gives you the boost to get uphill when you need it.  The ride is comfortable, smooth and intuitive.  No training required.  Change the way you do vacay. Go farther.  Explore more.  Get to the ultimate scenic spots, and have a bit of energy left when you get there. Popular in Europe and perfect for ½ day or full day excursions or for an upgrade on multi-day road bike tour.


Ireland, Switzerland, and available in most road bike destinations.

Connemara, Ireland

Ready to Roll?

Let's Talk.

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