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Rustic. Simple. Unplugged.​

Itching to get away from the hustle of everyday life? Horseback riding is the quintessential way to kickback and reconnect with your crew.  Discover wide open spaces oozing with character and history. Authentic cowboys, plenty of stories, and endless terrain let you feel like you stepped back in time.

Go! Ride

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Dude Ranches

​The mountains we ride past will outlast everything we know.

Go west, find warm hospitality, and do as much or as little as

you like.  Ride the open range, over prairies, to rocky plateaus.

Roam red rock canyons, crystal clear creeks or shady mountain

trails. No need to be nose to tail on a trail.  Thousands of acres

are yours to discover.  Go full speed on a dirt race track. Explore

a spooky cave.  Enjoy gorgeous vistas and ponder the vast terrain

under infinite stretches of sky. 


After riding there’s plenty of time for a nap, a book, or old-

fashioned fun.  Families love waterslides on the lawn, softball,

bingo or horseshoes.  Hike to a swimming hole and try to catch a

fish. Do tie-dye with the kiddos, play in the pool or go dancing by

moonlight. No TV, phone or wifi, means no worries. When the

dinner bell calls, savor a hearty homestyle meal, then retreat to your cabin to soak in the stars. Evenings are a prime time to grab a blanket, plunk in a rocker on the porch, settle into deep conversation or just listen to the crickets.  



Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, Arizona, British Columbia and Mexico

Alex & Jack riding by red canyon.jpg

Big Horn Mountains ,Wyoming

Beach Rides

Two feet move your body.  Four feet move your soul.


With surf crashing on rocks or gently lapping on the sand, exploring miles of coastline on horseback is a prime way to discover a region.  Sit back, soak up the view, and meander.  Feel the connection with your majestic four-legged friend.  Let a salty guide show you the ropes, leading the way past swaying palms, desert trails, rocky cliffs or spectacular waterfalls.

Mexico, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic and Ireland

Gill & Beach Group.JPG

Todo Santos, Mexico

Ready to Ride?

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